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Small is perfect, and baby steps are welcome. We have solutions to help you grow and push your business to profit.

Tailored Financing Options

We understand that financing is the lifeblood of every business venture. With us by your side, we can fast track your business dreams.

Payment Solutions

Let’s make your customers’ dreams come true with a payment experience like no other—smart and seamless.

Trade Services

From the first spark of an idea to the final flourish of success, we handle your international trade needs with expertise and utmost care.


The corporate world can be a tough place. Even more challenging for startups in the market. Alpro helps you manage your business finances with maximum flexibility and security.


Like a superhero accountant, we’ll keep a close eye on your cash flow. Seize the moment and enjoy asset financing that will fuel your business expansion. With POS technology, mobile and internet banking, you’ll breeze through transactions with style and finesse.

Agriculture Finance

Here, cooperatives and registered farmers are backed with special financing that brings their farming dreams to life.

  • Completed Application form
  • Evidence of employment with reputable organization
  • Alternative Finance corporate accounts
  • Evidence of ready market to sell the commodity (off-takers)
  • Clear evidence of difference between quality and quantity of commodities
  • Date of delivery
  • Place of delivery
  • Collateral

AltBiz Facility

Machinery: We pay, you take!

Need to power up your business with the right machinery?

We’ve got your back. Altbiz Facility provides SMEs with quick and affordable funds to augment working capital and for asset (equipment) acquisition.

  • Up to N5M per business
  • Maximum of 24 months tenure
  • 20% commitment deposit
  • Weekly, monthly, 90 days, 180 days payment cycles
  • At least 3 months’ relationship with SAF corporate

  • Application letter containing the desired facility amount and tenor

  • 12 months financial statement from SAF and/or other banks

  • Business registration documents from the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)

  • Proof of 2 years business existence (any document that shows the business has existed for 2 years e.g. invoice receipts, utility bill etc.)

  • Proof of business location (Recent utility bills, rent receipts, Lease agreements)

  • The Guarantor’s form is to be completed by a guarantor accompanied by an undated cheque, BVN and Valid means of Identification

  • A Proforma invoice addressed to AltBank with details of the financed asset

  • Valid means of identification

  • A commitment deposit – 20% of the facility amount should be in AltBank corporate account.

  • 3% per annum cost of insurance on the financed asset


From power solutions, and office equipment to vehicles and plants, get the ultimate boost for your business. 

AltLease helps you acquire assets for operations. These assets include Plants and machinery, power solutions, office equipment and vehicles.

  • Strictly for asset acquisition.

  • Maximum of 24 months tenor

  • 30% equity contribution

  • The cost of insurance/takaful is factored into the pricing

  • Assets financed shall be used solely for the operations of the business

  • Payment will be staggered through the life of the facility, depending on the nature of the business. (Monthly, Clean up cycles, Quarterly)

  • Maximum facility amount of N20m 
  • The customer must have a minimum of one – month relationship with Sterling Alternative Finance(Corporate account)

  • Personal guarantee of the company’s promoter supported by an undated cheque for facility amount.

  • Your business must be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)

  • An application letter stating the purpose and need of the facility must be established.

  • The demand for your products or services must be justified with empirical data – projected cashflow statement for the duration of the facility

  • You must have a minimum of three (3) years of experience in the line of business

  • You must have operated in the trading location for a minimum period of six (6) months. A copy of six (6) months unexpired business location rent receipt or ownership documents will be required

  • An invoice addressed to the bank with details of the asset to be financed

  • 12 months’ financial statement from Sterling and/or other banks

  • The useful life of the asset must be at least twice the facility tenor

Social Mobilization Facility

Whether you’re into fashion, tech, food production, or expanding your business, access up to N250,000 at a 9.5% markup rate per annum. Watch your small business grow.

  • Membership with trade/market associations or clusters that comprise of individuals with similar businesses within the same geographical location or members of specific communities
  • Our Sterling agents are tasked with the mobilization and payment of the funds
  • The need for the facility must be established, demand for the product must be justified

  • Existence in trade location for 6 months

  • 1-year experience in line of business

  • Beneficiaries must have achieved a minimum monthly credit turnover of at least 100 % of the amount requested

  • Favourable credit history

  • Two individual guarantors (must be reputable, an employed mid-level or higher officer of a public or private institution

  • The BVN of the guarantors (individual or corporate must be provided and verified

  • Domiciliation of business proceeds in SAF Kia-Kia account throughout the duration of the facility

Agent Banking(Wakeel)

As a WAKEEL agent, you can boost your earnings through the extra cash generated from sales. All you have to do is provide basic financial services to your customers and residents on our behalf.

  • Deposit
  • Withdrawals
  • Airtime Top-up
  • Bill Payments
  • Funds Transfer Services
  • Complete Agent registration form and execute agreement
  • Valid identification – Voter’s card, Driver’s License, National ID card.
  • Utility Bill
  • Any regulatory information as required (e.g. Business registration documents)
  • Whether your business is registered or not or you are a large distribution network, you can be a Wakeel Agent. Simply send an email to [email protected], walk to any of our branches or call our customer care line.


If you’re a smallholder farmer, a processor, an input provider, or a small-scale agro-business owner, you can access up to N20M at an amazing 9% per annum rate to provide your agro-business with the stocks and equipment you need for production.

This is designed especially for women and youth in the Agricultural sector.

  • 9% markup rate per annum
  • 5% security deposit of financed amount
  • 2% cost of insurance/takaful of financed asset
  • Open a SAF corporate account

  • An application letter stating the purpose and need of the facility must be established

  • Provide a 5% equity contribution

  • Economics of Production (EOP) per each crop/livestock.

  • Confirmed invoice in case of asset purchase (livestock, feeds, input etc.)

  • Certificate of registration of cooperative where applicable

  • Copy of executed MOU

  • Favorable Credit reports on the cooperative.

  • For Anchors

  • Active current account with the Bank (SAF)

  • Letter of application detailing the facility usage and purposes.

  • Feasibility plan with cash flow projections accompanied by the assumptions


  • Certificate of incorporations


  • Recent tax clearance certificate


  • Audited financials where facility value is more than N20m

  • Projected profitability analysis evidencing viability (Minimum of 20%)

  • Route to market must be clearly defined and validate with contracts where necessary

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Abubakar Muhammad Musa


Abubakar Muhammad Musa is currently a Sharia Advisor and Consultant for SHAPE Knowledge Services a consulting firm based in Kuwait. He has been involved in product development, Sharia research and approval of Islamic banking products for different clients. His work covers retail banking, corporate banking and project finance deals.

Formerly, Abubakar worked as a Researcher in different units at International Shariah Research Academy for Islamic Finance (ISRA) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Besides his primary assignments in ISRA, he taught Shariah Rules in Financial Transactions to Chartered Islamic Finance Professional (CIFP) Masters online Students of International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF), Malaysia. He also taught MBA and BBA Students different Islamic Banking and Finance Subjects at University College of Bahrain.

Abubakar holds two Diplomas with distinction, one in Islamic Law and the other in Arabic Language from Al-Imam University Riyadh. He also holds LLB (Hons) degree in Shariah from the same University. He successfully completed his (CIFP) Professional Masters Degree Programme at (INCEIF), Malaysia. He had his internship program on Islamic Banking & Finance at Fajr Capital in Kuala Lumpur. During the programme, Abubakar conducted research relating to product structuring and market development.

Abdurraheem Ahmad Sayi


Abdurraheem Ahmad Sayi is a legal practitioner and Consultant of over 16 years of active legal practice. He is currently the principal partner, A.A. Sayi & Co. (Qist Chambers) and Qadi, Independent Shari’ah Panel of Lagos State – a platform, through which he has delivered several judgments of in-depth analysis, widely applauded by leading legal and intellectual icons, including learned Judges, professors of law and Islamic Studies.

He is the Executive Director/C.E.O., ClearPath Islamic Centre (Incorporated), Lekki-Lagos and Chief Imam, SilverPoint Central Mosque, Badore, Ajah-Lagos. Fondly called Imam Sayi, Abdurraheem is the designate Chairman, Shari’ah Advisory Committee, Mutual Benefit Takaaful.

Imam Sayi has also authored a few works, some of which include: The Financial Obligations: a compendium of essays on monetary or material obligations under Islamic Law and Waqf (Charity Endowment): The Governing Principles.

He holds a Certificate on Improving Personal Effectiveness from the Lagos Business School (Pan African University) and he is a recipient of numerous awards and certificates of merits.

Abdulkader Thomas


Master of Arts Law and Diplomacy, The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy.

Bachelor of Arts Arabic & Islamic Studies, The University of Chicago.

Shariah Board Experience:

Bank Muscat Meethaq (2013 – 2017)

Sterling Bank Nigeria (Since 2013)

University Bank, USA (Since 2006)


Abdulkader Thomas has over 35 years of diversified financial services experience in major markets. With a Master of Arts Law and Diplomacy from The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy and a BA in Arabic & Islamic Studies from The University of Chicago. His areas of activity have included trade finance, real estate finance, securities and alternative finance.

As the general manager of a foreign bank branch in New York, he secured the first US regulatory approvals of Islamic mortgage and instalment credit/sale as banking instruments. Later, he secured US regulatory approval for profit sharing deposits. Abdulkader has been involved in the successful implementation of these products in the US market. With more than 17years Shariah Board Experience in Bank Muscat Meethaq, Sterling Bank Nigeria and University Bank USA, Abdulkader has worked on IFTA projects in Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, and an authority on Islamic deal structures and securities.

He also serves as a director of Alkhabeer Capital in Jeddah and Chairman of Alkhabeer (DIFC). He is a member of the international advisory board of the Securities Commission of Malaysia, a published author, and an active speaker on Islamic finance.